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4th of July Special Offer

4th of July Special Offer

Ultimate Trader's Library

Every course,
Every masterclass,
Every boot camp,
Every webinar...

Every month.

The Ultimate Trader's Library is a monthly subscription that grants you access to all past TSU content, as well as every course, masterclass, boot camp, and webinar that we release while you remain a member...

All for one low monthly rate.
Monthly access subscription includes:
  • Full Access to the TSU Educational Vault: All past courses, masterclasses, boot camps, specialty courses, and webinars
  • Free VIP-level access to all future boot camps while subscription remains active
  • Free access to all future masterclasses and webinars
  • Priority support via call, email, or chat
  • ​Cancel any time
  • ​Low, easy monthly payment
  • July 4th Special: Unfettered access to the Ultimate Trader's  Library for a full 20 days for $20 ONLY $10! (Subscription renews at $89/month)

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Deep Sky™ SPY

SPY-only trial version includes:
  • Powerful predictive A.I. - TradeSmart's in-house artificial intelligence, Deep Sky™ uses true machine learning, analyzing billions of data points each day to predict stock prices.
  • Superior forecasting - Deep Sky™ predicts directional trend for days and weeks in advance, including short-term price ranges
  • Massive edge - Pair the A.I.'s predictive powers with the Morning Glory strategy for huge 85+% win-rates!
  • Technical analysis - Easily review critical indicators such as moving averages, MACD, Stochastic oscillator, and more
  • Built-in charting tools - Perform your own analysis with Trading View charts integrated seamlessly with the platform
  • July 4th Special: Explore the power of Deep Sky™ with FREE access to the SPY-only version (then upgrade at any time to access the full stocks database!)
48-Hour SPECIAL:
$10 trial to the Ultimate Trader's Library,
Plus FREE Deep Sky™ SPY!
On-Demand Training
All content is available in the Student Learning Center immediately following purchase.
1,000+ Hours of Content
Enjoy comprehensive, in-depth training that you can go through at your own pace.
Choose Your Own Path
Whatever area of trading you need help with, we've got you covered. Pick from dozens of topics.
Traders of All Levels
The Library is full of content that caters to all experience levels, from novice to market pro.
Unrestricted access to the Student Learning Center.
The Student Learning Center is the home of over 70+ courses and masterclasses. Everything you need to learn to make money trading is at your fingertips. It's been completely designed from the ground up, using the latest learning technology.
Courses with Over 1K Hours of Total Training!
Multiple Ways to Get Support & Clarifications
Downloadable Class Resources
Whatever you need to learn, there is a course for that. Over 70, actually.
Great trading begins here.
Find the opportunities.
First, pick a winning stock.
Here's how you do it.
It's time to get real.
The right strategy at the right time.
How to make money trading.
Create the life of your dreams.
Analysis so accurate
you will amaze yourself.
Price forecasting simplified.
Laser-focused accuracy.
Analysis and Trade Setups
A powerful tool for every toolbox.
Make money even if you're wrong.
It's true.
One week challenge.
Get started trading now.
Set up your trading dashboard.
Spot opportunities and warnings.
More profit. Lower risk.
Learn options trading.
Options create flexibility.
Put money where your month is.
Fear and worry disappear.
Design the future of your dreams.
Every pro knows - manage the risk
and the profit takes care of itself.
The tale of two traders.
What makes Winners vs. Losers.
Better time your entries and exits
using candlestick charts.
Learn to read and interpret
chart patterns.
Trader Drift
Stop sabotaging your trades.
The Complete List of Courses
...with even more being consistently added!
Full TSU Courses
  • Foundations of Stocks and Options Level 1
  • ​Foundations of Stocks and Options Level 2
  • ​Foundations of Stocks and Options Level 3
  • ​Bundle of Strategies (9 Total + Master Class)
  • ​Stock to Forex Transition Training
  • ​Foundations of Forex Level 1
  • ​Foundations of Forex Level 2
  • ​Foundations of Forex Level 3
  • ​Options Essentials Level 1
  • ​Options Essentials Level 2
  • ​The Ultimate Trading Formula
  • ​Get Started Trading in 7 Days
  • ​Get Started Trading Bitcoin and Futures
  • ​Get Started Trading Options in 7 Days
  • ​Get Started Trading Forex in 7 Days
  • ​Building Your Financial Fortress
  • ​Bollinger Bands Essentials
  • ​Fibs in 4
  • ​Total Fibonacci Trading
  • ​Cash Flow Trading
  • ​Essential Market Indicators
  • ​Using Market Indicators
  • ​Trader Conditioning Bootcamp
  • ​Trading Plans
  • ​Risky Business
  • ​Tick by Tick
  • ​Advanced Trading Strategies: Credit Spreads
  • ​Advanced Trading Strategies: Calendar Spreads
  • ​Advanced Trading Strategies: Adaptive Trade Management System
  • ​Japanese Trading Systems
  • ​Advanced Candlestick Trading
  • ​Advanced Options Strategies
  • ​Trading with Volume
Master & Specialty Classes
  • Traction Boot Camp
  • ​Credit Spreads Blueprint
  • ​Option Buying Blueprint
  • ​Covered Calls Blueprint
  • ​Day Trading SPY Blueprint
  • ​Swing Trade Blueprint
  • ​Maximize & Protect Your Profits
  • ​Winning the Game Inside Your Head
  • ​The Wide Range Candle Strategy
  • ​Working with the Parabolic SAR
  • ​Predictable Income with Dividends
  • ​Trader Drift
  • ​Get Paid When You Sell AND When You Buy Your Stock
  • ​Option Buying: In or Out of the Money
  • ​Trading Strategies for Earnings Season
  • ​ETFs: The Mutual Fund of the Future
  • '​Tis The Season - Secrets of Market Seasonality
  • ​The Wide Range Bar Trading Strategy
  • ​Mastering Momentum & RSI
  • ​Elliot Wave in 1 Lesson
  • ​"Strength Training" - Understanding Market Vital Signs
  • ​Buy Once, Profit All Year
  • ​Unpacking the Effective Trading Loop
  • ​How to Find and Rate Significant Gaps
  • ​Strangle Your Options, Not Your Broker
  • ​Volatility Tax
  • ​Work Only 4 Hours a Month!
  • ​Stop the Madness
  • ​The Fifteen-Minute Fortune
  • ​Ann Marie's Secret Patterns
  • ​The Magical Weekly Option
  • ​Never Go Broke
  • ​Long-Term Leverage
  • ​The Ultimate Dividend
  • ​Selling Naked Options
  • ​Volatility Madness
  • ​Protect Thyself
  • ​Mastering Supply and Demand
  • ​5 Steps of Trade Confirmation
  • ​Find Spectacular Trades Using Fibs & Stochastic
  • ​The 4 Levers of Profitability

...with more being added every single month!

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"I did my first real money trade on Jan 29th, and now my account is currently up 52%. ​TradeSmart has given me all the tools I need to become a successful trader. Thank you so much for all of the help with my education."
​"​TSU has given me the confidence and knowledge to control my future.​ After years of negative returns, I had enough! In the 2 years of trading using the education received from TSU, I have made more money than I did in the past 20 years. Now my future is twice as good as it once was.”
"Foundations of Stocks & Options equipped me to succeed from day one with concise and attainable content. My TradeSmart instructors revealed how to condition my mindset and emotions for consistent profitability. This is the real deal; their professionalism is off the charts!"
"I wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying the Options course. I've been a long-time TSU student -- attending class on and off for the last 5 years. I finally decided to jump into options trading!

And wow, I'm glad I did! It's my goal to watch at least 1 video every day. So far I've worked through 2 complete classes. My trading account is already growing faster and more consistently."
"I love TSU! I've purchased a few classes previously, but I had no idea how much I was missing out on. I think my current favorite is Power Trader LIVE. Watching Josh & the crew set up their charts and plans for the week ahead feels almost like cheating. Thanks so much, TSU."
"Words can't describe my gratitude. The ability to generate an income without having to leave my kids at daycare has changed our lives. Now I can be a mom AND contribute to our family's financial security. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, TSU."
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Ultimate Trader's Library members can cancel at any time. Enjoy your membership until the end of your current billing cycle! Secretly though, we're hoping you love the Ultimate Trader's Library so much that you never cancel. We're always open to your feedback on how to improve your experience, too.

Will my price ever increase?
Nope! If you keep your enrollment active, you will not have a price increase.

How much would everything cost individually?
Candidly, you probably wouldn't believe us. If you just take an average cost of $200 per course, that would be nearly $14,000 in content alone. That doesn't even consider the ongoing training and new education that we put out on a regular basis. Ultimate Trader's Library is a great deal. That is also why we have limited enrollments.

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Nobody Knows. (Get it?!)

Is there a community of people I can connect with?
Yes! Currently, we have a private Discord server that's only accessible to members. Reach out to see how you can get access.

How do I access my resources?
Once you enroll, you will receive login information for the Student Learning Center. Here you will find all of the courses, masterclasses, boot camps, and tons of other resources!
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