The 1-Hour Retirement Plan...
How A Simple Retirement Strategy You Can Execute In About An Hour a week- Can Help You Have Bigger Wins More,Often & Fast-Track Your Trading Progress...
Clear Entry & Exit Rules – Market-Based Indicators
No Guess Work Ever – Simplify Your Trading
Master trading and you can build a great income fast.

You’re on the way to trading mastery when:

1) You WIN more trades than you lose. And;

2) You EARN MORE on winning trades than you risk on losing ones.

Then, even if you lose half the time, which virtually never happens when you master core skills...

Profits are big. Losses are small. Your account grows. And every month you can pull money out for savings, spending or to fund other investments.
I walked away from a 9-year career in the music industry with a bright future thinking I could make my fortune trading. At first it was a disaster!

Trading is not like anything else. I call it “The Great Equalizer”.


You can be a huge success at whatever you do ... and not do well at all trading.

It took me several years of humiliation and heart-breaking loss to figure it out.

But once I cracked the code, everything changed.

I discovered this strategy that can be implemented in just a few minutes a day, and consistently earn 5, 10, even 15% or better from every trade. 

During the recession of 2008 I made a fortune trading this very strategy, “The 1-Hour Retirement Plan”, nearly every day.  

Since then, my company, TradeSmart University, has helped over 80,000 people just like you, from over 60 countries, learn to trade.

And the 1-Hour Retirement Plan is one of my most dependable, go-to strategies for spotting opportunity regardless of how the market is trending.

If you’re experienced, you’ll be up and running in half an hour. If you’re a beginner, it may take a full hour.

Either way... the 1-Hour Retirement Plan is one of the most powerful tool in my arsenal of trading strategies. If your goal is to win more, lose less and build a great income trading, the 1-Hour Retirement Strategy is for you.

The 1-Hour Retirement Plan sells for $97.
But because you downloaded my book and are obviously interested in  developing your skill, you can get it right now for only $7.
7 Good Reasons The 1-Hour Retirement Plan...
Will Become Your Favorite Trading Strategy:
  • Clear Entry Rules
    When trading “The 1-hour Retirement Plan” there’s no second guessing ever. As you will see, the entry rules are simple, based on known data – and it’s black and white. With a simple indicator (that will be taught) you will know either the trade is moving up or it isn’t. And either it’s going to have a high probability of winning or it isn’t. That’s why it’s called “The 1-Hour Retirement Plan”.

  • Clear Exit Rules
    When trading “The 1-Hour Retirement Plan” you’ll know when to exit before you enter the trade. You will know your time commitment, and you will know exactly how much risk you have on any given trade, which is essential for money management. Once your entry order is filled, you simply “let the trade work”. This reduces trades management to an absolute minimum. No baby sitting. No watching trading screens all day. No over-managing your trades. Set it, check in for a minute or two each day, and forget it. 

  • Take advantage of Option Time Decay
    Trends can be tricky to trade, which is why this strategy is so powerful - it doesn’t require any trend to take place! The days of entering the market in the morning and exiting in the afternoon are over. By nature, this strategy makes money even if the stock does not move up or down in price!  The “1-hour Retirement Plan” lets you take full advantage of other naive traders by letting them pay you even if they think they are going to make money. It’s the most beneficial position you can take
  • No fancy trading software required
    Basic Charting software with “basic” charting capabilities is all you need. You need to be abel to draw support & resistance lines, add moving averages and that’s it. More than 90% of the charting software available today at any price have these capabilities (even the free ones). There’s no need for proprietary indicators or expensive charting software!
  • Easy to Learn – Easy to Understand – Easy to Do
    You can learn the 1-Hour Retirement Plan in less than 60 minutes and start trading right away. If you aren’t comfortable, you can trade it with a virtual trading account until you are comfortable so there is no risk to you. This makes it the perfect scenario even for a beginning trader!

  • Eliminates Fear & Uncertainty
    The 1-Hour Retirement Plan uses a strategy that is designed to win even when you are a little off on your analysis. When you use the moving average setup we show you, it will eliminate the guess work and end one of the biggest problems trader’s face, which is trading on news or emotion instead of high probability facts and trends. 

  • Develop A Great Part-Time Income In About 15 Minutes A Day
    Trading is the only thing I know of that you can do for as little as 15 minutes a week and have a real opportunity to earn several hundred… to several thousand dollars a week for your time. The 1-Hour Retirement Plan is a GREAT first step to move towards this goal. It’s perfect for busy people and those who are wanting a better lifestyle without replacing one job for the job of sitting in front of your computer. Simply setup the trade, and go hit the golf course (or whatever you like to do with your time).
I trade “The 1-Hour Retirement Plan” practically every day. Once you see how easy it is, “The 1-Hour Retirement Plan” may become your favorite day trading strategy too.
Here’s What You Get
  • A complete video tutorial explaining everything in detail. Including;
  • How to create super high probability setups
  • Learn the strategy that wins 85% of the time.
  • Simple rules to identify opportunity regardless of how the market is trending, up, down or sideways.
The 1-Hour Retirement Plan is ideal for people who want a relaxed lifestyle.
  • You learn specifics on when to enter a trade for the best positioning.
  • Specifics on when to close your trade.
The 1-Hour Retirement Plan takes less than 1 hour to analyze, setup and execute, with less than 2-3 minutes each day to monitor.
  • Specifics on when to take profits so you don’t stick with a trade too long and lose your advantage.
  • How to rescue your trade even if you were completely wrong and about to lose a lot of money.
  • You Expedite your trading knowledge by learning from our experience.
  • You get everything you need to know to spot opportunity, limit loss and use this Simple Strategy to reach your goals faster.
The 1-Hour Retirement Plan training gives you everything you need to understand this powerful strategy and use it to help you build a great income trading.

Your online videos and guides are available 24-hours a day. You can access them from any device with an Internet connection from anywhere in the world.

IMPORTANT: It’s important you know every trade, including every Simple Retirement Strategy trade, is NOT a winning trade. Even with our excellent performance history... we make losing trades practically every day.

We do well because we have RULES to protect capital and limit risk...

We do well because we have STRATEGIES to identify good trading opportunity practically every day in every market we trade.

And we do well because we typically win more trades than we lose.

This is the key!

Develop this skill, and while THERE WILL ALWAYS BE LOSS - because it’s just part of the trading process... I believe you can reach any financial goal you set for yourself trading.

The 1-Hour Retirement Plan can help you reach your goals.
Why Give You A Proven Strategy
That Normally Sell For $97 ... For Just $7?
Why give you a whopping 93% discount?

Why slash ninety-bucks off the price... and give you a strategy I use to make winning trades virtually every week for just $7... less than a cup of coffee and a sandwich most places?

Two simple reasons:
  • 1. $7 puts this powerful strategy in reach of everyone. And;
  • 2. It weeds out the freebie-seekers. I only want serious traders who take action. And in my experience charging anything... even just $7... gets rid of 99% of the tire-kickers and “wannabees”.
Plus I am certain that once you experience The 1-Hour Retirement Plan for yourself... you’ll want more.

So experience the genius!

Watch the videos.

Use The 1-Hour Retirement Plan.

And see how easy it is for yourself.

Do this and I believe you’ll be so happy with your results... you’ll want every strategy we offer.

And if that’s the case... you may want to upgrade to the Cash Flow Trading Home Study Course where you get access to 7 different trading strategies, unlimited email coaching and more.

And that’s it!

No fine print. No “hidden trials”. No re-occurring fees. No shenanigans. Just $7. And you get a powerful trading strategy that will help you spot opportunity in any market... and become a more skilled... more disciplined trader.
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The 1-Hour Retirement Plan -  A Proven Trading Strategy For Creating Monthly Income. 

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The 1-Hour Retirement Plan - How A Simple Retirement Strategy You Can Execute In About An Hour a week- Can Help You Have Bigger Wins More,Often & Fast-Track Your Trading Progress...

Instant Online Access PLUS Downloadable PDF Version Of This Strategy ***SPECIAL PRICE ONLY $7 (reg. price $97.00) ***
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